This isn’t really a blog. It’s a site containing all the transportation information I’ve gained while living in and travelling around Belize. I try to keep the information up to date (disregard the dates under the titles).

Schedules and fares can change at any time; always confirm times before travel.

Exchange rate: BZ$2 = US$1

The photo above is the bus terminal in Corozal.


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  1. NELO Says:

    The number is 4022161/6212581

  2. Sylvia Says:

    We got into Belize City around 10:30 am or 11 am off the Cancun/BC express which left Cancun at 10:15 PM the night before. We had missed the earlier Ritchie express and didn’t want to wait for the afternoon one at 3:30 because we wanted to get into Placencia before dark.
    We got on one heading south to Independence Mango Creek and then caught the water taxi across. So, that is what we did. I think it was a James Bus and it left around noonish and I think its destination was Punta Gorda. It was pretty crowded so don’t hesitate to be assertive and just be determined to get into the crowd and make your way to the door or you will be standing for an hour or so until it gets to Belmopan or even Dangriga.
    The guy in the bus depot yard said Oh Yeah, there will be a bus waiting in Dangriga but that is not the case – except for the express which leaves Belize City at 3:30 (Ritchies).
    The HOKEY POKEY water taxi left around 4:30 or so, be sure to make sure you will get there in time cause they do not run into the evening – again, ask the bus driver. A car met the bus in Mango Creek and drove us to the dock – if no one is there (but it seemed like this guy did this on a regular basis no charge) it isn’t a super long walk, and we had to wait for almost an hour for the boat anyway.
    The Hokey Pokey takes you into Placencia, doesn’t take long and the open boat was fun, and there will be a few taxis there. We got one and it took us to our place for $20 US(Green Parrot) which was fabulous, but who knew it was nine miles out of Placencia!Guess that slipped by me when I was booking, but I did not regret it at all it was so great to just relax and eat the great food in the small onsite restaurant and breakfast is included.) We biked into town once, everything is completely flat so nine miles didn’t quite kill me.
    Check out the schedules on this site, they are pretty good and you can go to the websites and print off the schedules to take with you.
    Hope that helps a bit…sorry to not be more precise on times, but we had an epic journey, also from BC and that was the tail end. Speaking of which…you’ll be on a school bus so do not pick the seats with the wheel well or you will regret the absence of leg room!
    Good luck and happy travels.

    • belizebus Says:

      Wow! Thanks for writing that — some good details for anyone else doing the trip.

      I was a bit surprised to read that the ADO express bus from Cancun arrived in Belize City around 10:30 am or 11 am. That’s later that the usual time of around 6am.

      • Sylvia Says:

        Yes, we were too because we were hoping to get on that morning express to Placencia and thought we would get in with time to spare. Who knows why … the border crossing took over an hour, so that may be one reason. Everyone had to get off the bus and “leave” Mexico, and then over to the other side of the road to “enter” Belize. The bathrooms on the Belize side were handy, I would say use them when you can.
        It was supposed to be an express bus, but that term doesn’t seem to mean anything extra special. It stopped pretty much where ever anyone wanted to get off and went into at least four bus depots. Oh, the bus was pretty chilly too, so it is good to have a warm layer to use or you could be cold all night.

    • Mike Says:

      Yes, the James busline from Belize City and Belmopan to Punta Gorda stops in Independence (Mango Creek) and combined with the Hokey Pokey water taxi gives you more time options than the Ritchie schedule from Dangriga.

      However, only Richie runs the 24 mile stretch along the length of the Placencia peninsula from Santa Cruz on the Southern Highway (locals call this intersection “the junction”) to Placencia Village at the end of the peninsula.

      If you are fortunate enough to catch one of the Ritchie buses, the drivers all know pretty much every hotel, resort and restaurant along the peninsula so when you get on the bus, tell him your specific destination and he will stop the bus for you there. In Sylvia’s case above, that would have saved her the water taxi fare and the land taxi fare.

      The drivers on all buslines know each other’s schedules (they don’t compete for your business) so make sure the driver leaving Belmopan for Dangriga along the Hummingbird Hwy. knows you want to get to Placencia. He may then flag down the Richie bus if they pass coming out of Dangriga or drop you at the intersection of the Hummingbird Hwy and Southern Highway. Locals call this intersection “6 mile”. It’s 6 miles outside of Dangriga.

      Finally, get a window seat for the trip along the Hummingbird Highway through the mountains and rainforest. It’s the prettiest drive in Belize.

  3. Mike Says:

    Ritchie runs buses from Placencia (not Placentia) to Dangriga and back daily. It leaves Dangriga at 11:00AM, 2:00PM, 4:30PM and 6:00PM. There is an “Express” bus that leaves Belize City at 3:30PM but it is not really an express, stops everywhere including Belmopan and Dangriga and arrives Placencia about 8:30PM. Lots of other buses leave Belize City for Belmopan (some are express and worth the wait) usually on the hour and Belmopan to Dangriga also regularly on the hour or thereabouts. You sometimes need to fight for a seat (first come, first served) or you will wait for the next bus (and then have to fight for a seat on that one).

    • belizebus Says:

      Thanks for your comments Mike.

      I’ve seen Placencia spelled incorrectly so often that I don’t worry about correcting people anymore. Usually it’s just a typographical error.

      The times you quoted are the same times as on the Ritchie’s website…

      All buses, including express buses, have always stop at main cities & towns, but while the express buses shouldn’t be stopping for passengers all along the route, this is Belize and there’s no enforcement of rules.

  4. Barb Says:

    Thank you for all of this information! I just traveled from Cancun airport to Chetumal via bus (with an overnight in Tulum) and then http://sanpedrowatertaxi.com/ from Chetumal to San Pedro. Although the website said the fare was US$47.50, I paid US$55 cash on site. And I would have had to pay (again) the MX$306/$23.50 DNI fee had I not been able to pull up a copy of my airline receipt that clearly outlined that it had been paid (look at the part of your airfare receipt where taxes are broken down; this fee is represented by the code “UK”). It was pure luck I had the detailed receipt on my laptop.

    Also I didn’t properly understand how to avoid an overpriced taxi from the Chetumal bus station to the Muelle Fiscal. I avoided buying my water taxi ticket at the bus terminal, but still went to the taxi line outside of the terminal. There I was told the taxi fare would be 50 pesos to the Muelle Fiscal. I speak Spanish and said I was told it would be more like 15 (although granted, that was over a year ago). The driver agreed to charge me 40 pesos. Once in the taxi outside the terminal area he said that had I flagged a taxi on the street it would have been 30 pesos, but from the taxi stand at the terminal itself it’s 50 pesos.

    Hope this information is of help to future travelers — happy trails!

    • belizebus Says:

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Did the water taxi service explain the fare difference? Is it just a case of an increased fare without updating the website?
      In the past, they have also charged a “port fee”, but I think that is now incorporated into the fare.

      The DNI fee scam has been going on for years. I often alert travellers about it.

      I also noticed a jump in taxi fares the last time I was in Chetumal.

      • Barb Says:

        The woman collecting my fare for the water taxi expressed surprise that the website said $47.50; in addition, I had an email a few days prior from “Jaime” in what I think is their main office who said the fare was $50. The woman in Chetumal knew nothing about that either & just said they always charge $55.

        There was a US$1.25 charge upon arrival in San Pedro that I think was a port fee; they have a new dock now so assume it’s covering the cost of it!

  5. Mick W Says:

    Thanks for this incredibly comprehensive site. I will be travelling from Chetumal to Belize City next March and wonder if the following information on the Grand Costa Maya tourist website is accurate. They claim that that a company called Mundo Maya has 3 express buses a day at 1145,1500 and 1800 -leaving from Nuevo Mercado. in Chetumal (I can’t catch the early bus at 7 am). I have contacted the tourist authorities, who haven’t replied!
    Many thanks in advance
    Mick W

    • belizebus Says:

      I think I found the same website that you mentioned, and based on the hotel information, the site appears to be up to date. I couldn’t find any bus information on the site.

      There is a tour company in Belize City called Mundo Maya Travels, and they now have their own website with bus schedules…

      Mundo Maya is the agent for some foreign bus lines that provide service to Belize, for example, Fuente del Norte, Linea Dorada and San Juan Travel Services. As you can see, they show only one express bus from Chetumal (San Juan at 7am), and that bus goes to Flores. I’m not sure if that bus goes to Belize City. Linea Dorada no longer operate to Chetumal.

      The buses that operate out of Nuevo Mercado are Belizean buses. There is no agent for these buses (though I guess anyone could say they are an agent and sell you a ticket) — just get on the bus and pay the driver or conductor. The most recent schedule for these buses is shown in Section 3. BELIZE BUS INFORMATION AND SCHEDULES. Buses depart Chetumal about every 30 to 60 minutes.

      Over the years, express buses operated by Belizean bus companies have come & gone. The current schedule shows only one express bus departing Corozal at 5am (I don’t know if this bus originates from Chetumal). So it appears that there are no express buses after the San Juan bus at 7am. If you find one, let me know.

  6. Mick W Says:

    I’m just back from Mexico and Belize. I can confirm that the only express bus to Belize City from the ADO bus station in Chetumal leaves at 7 am from inside the terminal. It’s a minibus(about 24seats)run by San Juan travel. Tickets can be bought (200 pesos) from an ADO agent at a kiosk just inside the bus station from 6am on the morning of departure or, better, the day before. The journey took 3 3/4 hours and our bus stopped in Belize City (at a carpark by the Quay Caulkerwater taxi terminal) before continuing to Flores. . Travellers, like us, who flew into Mexico from the UK,can avoid paying the so-called exit tax (it’s actually a tourist tax) at the Mexico Belize frontier by showing evidence (called un comprobante) that it has already paid in their air-ticket. You have to ask the airline for this as it’s not included in most e-tickets.

    • belizebus Says:

      Hi Mick,

      Thanks for the confirmation — it agrees with my information, but the express buses I’ve taken have never been more than 3 hours. The agent in Belize City is Mundo Maya Travels, and they now have a website with the schedules…

      Regarding the DNI tourist fee, I’ve been telling people the same thing for years.

  7. debbie h Says:

    Hello, We are a party of 3 and we want to travel from Belize City to Belize City Zoo. Any idea how much a taxi ride will be to the zoo? Also, can you negotiate with the taxi driver to wait while you visit the zoo and return you back to the city? I have found tons of information on taxi’s within the city for short distances but can not find any information for trips for slightly longer distances and how much to expect to pay. We plan to take a water taxi to Belize City but have no idea how to get to the zoo after we get there. We really do not want to take the bus so thinking taxi or renting a car.

    THanks so much!

    • belizebus Says:

      Taxis don’t have meters, so fares for long distances are negotiable.

      Several taxis will be waiting at the water taxi terminal — send each person in your group to a different taxi and see who comes up with the best fare.

      I’ve never gone that far in a taxi but for a similar distance, I was quoted BZ$50 from a neighbour who is a taxi driver — that was to drive me one way. For a tourist, and asking the driver to wait, I’d guess at least BZ$100.

      If you do it, let me know the fare.

    • Ellen Says:

      Hi Debbie! I just traveled in a party of 3 to the Belize Zoo. We ended up taking the bus because it was cheaper, but a taxi driver at the water taxi dock quoted us approximately $75 US to take the three of us to the zoo (about a 45 minute taxi drive).

      (I rather think he was quoting us a steep tourist price, because we later took a 2 hour long taxi ride for $75 US, so as belizebus says, you can haggle).

      Shout out for the bus service, although I know you said you’d prefer not to use it, it was pretty easy to figure out, and very inexpensive ($6 US for all three of us). They dropped us right at the zoo entrance on the highway.

      • Ellen Says:

        Oh, and another note, we ended up staying the night at the Zoo Lodge (they will come pick you up from the zoo), if you want to spend the night there rather than go right back to the city.(I highly recommend it!) It took us a good 3 hours to explore the zoo, so it would be a shame to feel rushed there!

      • Debbie Says:

        Thank you so much for the information. We ended up taking a Taxi service we found on line. We paid 120(usd)round trip including a 2 hour wait fee. So basically had a private driver for 4-5 hours. All arranged ahead of time. He was waiting for us when we got to the mainland. Was a lot more than the bus but at my age and health, well worth the money. Most tours wanted 225 – 300 for the same private service. We bought the driver lunch at the zoo and added a tip at the end. Was a great experience. We booked with Eden Crichton and I highly recommend his services. We will definitely use him again the next time we are in Belize City. His Email address is belizetaxiservices@gmail.com. I hope this helps others in the same situation we were in.

  8. Kristina C. Says:

    Can anyone help me with a time table for July we looking to take the Marlin Espadas bus from San Ignacio to Chetumal, then change to an ADO bus to Tulum.

    I dont speak Spanish and the ADO website does not seem to like being translated. Just wanted to get a rough idea on when buses leave.
    San Ignacio to Chetumal:
    Chetumal to Tulum:

    Thank you in advance

  9. James W. Says:

    Thanks for the info on the water taxis to San Pedro. Are there any buses to the ferry terminal? I liked the idea of the pickup at the airport but they were just as expensive as taking Maya Air.

    • belizebus Says:

      Where are you starting from?
      Are you talking about the water taxi terminals in Belize City?

      All Belizean buses to BC terminate at the bus terminal which is about 1 km from the water taxi terminals. Express buses from Guatemala park outside the water taxi terminal located at the Swing Bridge in BC.

  10. vicky Says:

    ‘ll arrive to Chetumal on 25/08 at 14:25. I´m planning to go on to Belize city the same day. Can u help me? its possible?

    I was reading all the info but i didnt find the schedule.

    Thanks in advance.

    • belizebus Says:

      I assume you will arrive in Chetumal at the ADO bus terminal?? The cheapest way to Belize is by Belizean bus. They wait at Nuevo Mercado (the New Market) which is located about 1 km from the ADO Terminal (see the map in Section 6). You could walk but a taxi is easier (50 pesos if you get a taxi at ADO but only 30 pesos if you walk out to the main road and stop a taxi). Buses depart about every 45 minutes (schedules are flexible here). They will stop at both border points, Corozal and Orange Walk before terminating at BC. These are not express buses, so they will stop for passengers anywhere along the route.

      If you have more money, you could get a taxi to the border for about 80 pesos, then get a Belizean taxi (BZ$25) or taxi-van/colectivo (BZ$2 but the drivers always try to charge more for tourists) to complete the trip to Corozal. At Corozal, change to a bus to BC — Section 3 has a schedule for Corozal to BC buses.

      With more money, you could arrange to be picked up by one of the transfer services (more like US$50 to Corozal).

      Does this answer your questions?

  11. Chris M. Says:

    Hi, we’re planning on travelling between Tulum and Belize City (and return). Can I ask if anyone know if it’s possible to book the return trip back to Mexico in advance (4-5 days before)? We are a bit tight on time and have a flight out the next day so NEED to be on that bus! I would be great if we didn’t need to be there 3 hours + before to buy the ticket. Can anyone advise…. Thank you so so much in advance.

    • belizebus Says:

      I don’t know. All I can suggest is asking at ADO when you buy the ticket to Belize (ask for a return ticket and see what they say), and try the phone numbers I’ve given for the ticket agents in Belize. And I from what I’ve heard, you really do need to be at the Belize City bus terminal a couple of hours before the bus departure time, especially if you’re travelling during a peal tourist period (Christmas, Easter).

  12. Eric O Says:

    I am taking a group of divers on the Belize Aggressor for a week Oct 21-28 then planning on riding the ADO bus up to Playa del Carmen to catch the ferry to Cozumel for another week of diving there.

    My question is: It looks like the ADO leaves Belize City in the morning and the evening. But does anyone know how long the ride is?

    It is 543 KM to Playa from Belize City which is about a 6 hour drivetime in a car, I know the bus will be longer with stops, exit fee, MX customs etc…
    If we leave Sunday morning Oct 29th; can we get to Playa that evening in time to catch a ferry to Cozumel?

    • belizebus Says:

      On the ADO website, the run from BC to PdC is not listed, but the run from PdC to BC is showing as 7 hours. From my experience, it’s about 2 to 2.5 hours to the border, just under an hour to get through the two immigration points (depends on the number of passengers), and then about 4 hours to PdC.

      I don’t know the exact departure time from BC (let me know if you find out), but I’d guess that the bus arrives at PdC around 5 pm. On the Ultramar Ferry website, the last ferry departs from PdC at 11pm. There are 2 other ferry services.


      Are you aware that PdC has two ADO bus terminals? The bus from BC stops at the terminal on 20th Ave. which is several blocks from the ferry terminal.

      • Eric O Says:

        Thank you for your prompt response. I have taken a small bus to Mahahual from Cancun and back but never down into Belize or back. Looks like the departure out of BC is 0830 and arriving about 1700 (5pm) would be about right I’d think. Website shows arriving at 8:30am the next day. But must be a misprint as they probably mean 8:30pm as its about 8.5 hours down and 24 back to Cancun cannot be correct?!

        Great info, thanks for the note on the PDC 20th Ave bus terminal as I have always ridden the ADO from the Cancun airport to the bus terminal 2 blocks from the ferry terminal. We will have to taxi it over to the ferry probably, no biggie. The ADO info on the web shows a 0830 departure from BC and possibly an evening departure as well. But leave at 0830 Sunday will work well, see the countryside and go thru customs while awake instead of a redeye bus after a week of almost non stop diving! Thanks again! Eric O

      • belizebus Says:

        The ADO website is working better for you than for me — I can’t get the BC to PdC schedule to appear, only an error message.

        The times you have (0830 departure and 1700 arrival) is for the BC – Cancun run. The bus should stop at PdC around 15:30.

        That 0830 arrival time is probably the overnight bus which leaves BC at 7:30 pm.

      • Eric O Says:


        Here is what my Cozumel buddies sent me. You can see the problem with the times. I couldn’t get the ADO Website to work either & she tried calling them with no luck?!
        See the arrival times? Confusing.

      • belizebus Says:

        I’ve seen that webpage before. It was written back when there was only one bus run per day (the overnight bus), and some information is now out of date.

        That departure time from BC is an error. The correct departure time of the overnight bus from BC is 7:30 pm.

        The departure fee when leaving Belize has increased to BZ$40 (or US$20).

  13. Eric O Says:

    I will continue to see if my Mexican dive buddies can get thru to ADO on the phone and see if they can get an updated departure time/s. I was on another website earlier this month that stated to buy ADO bus tickets from the little mini-store shop in the bus terminal. I will look for the link and send it to you. If I can find the departure times, I will post them to your site as well.

    We get off the Belize Aggressor at 0830 Saturday morning so maybe we can catch a bus that day. If not we will work on the how to get tickets for the next morning and find the proper departure time.
    Thanks so much, Eric O

    • belizebus Says:

      I’ve seen a few reports that ADO tickets can be purchased at a snack store inside the BC bus terminal. I think that’s still possible.

      A few months ago, I read a report about the ADO morning bus, but I can’t remember the departure time (possibly 9 am??), and I can’t find the link to the report. It’s a fairly new run (added late last year) so I haven’t seen many reports about it.

  14. Riana Says:

    Hi BelizeBus,

    We’re looking to get from Belize City to Belmopan. What are the earliest departure times in the morning?


    • belizebus Says:

      Can’t you see the schedules in Section 3?

      The earliest bus leaves BC at 5 am. The next bus leaves at 6 am, then every 30 minutes.

  15. Dorothy Says:

    Do you know the bus schedule from Punta Gorda to Placencia?

    • belizebus Says:

      I have links to the James Bus Line schedules, but they go to Independence, not to Placencia. From Independence, you have to continue by the Hokey-Pokey ferry to get to Placencia. I don’t know of any other buses from PG to Placencia.

      Links to the James Bus schedules are in Section 3.

  16. Warren Says:

    Does anyone know the best way by bus to get to Corozal from BZE airport??

    • belizebus Says:

      There are no public buses from Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA), so the only way to get a bus is to get a taxi to the bus terminal in Belize City, or get out to the hiighway and wait for a bus coming from BC. Here are the details for each…

      A taxi from BZE to the bus terminal in Belize City costs BZ$50.00 (or US$25) per taxi (not per passenger), and takes 15 to 25 minutes depending on traffic. If travelling solo, before exiting the airport, try to find another person also going to the bus terminal, share the taxi and split the fare (don’t let the driver know this or he might charge 2 fares).

      The cheap option is to walk, hitch or taxi from the airport terminal to the Philip Goldson Highway (about 2.5 km) and wait for a bus. Upon reaching the T-intersection with the highway, Corozal is to the left, so cross to the other side of the highway and wait. When a bus approaches, wave an arm up and down to get it to stop. Express buses will not stop. The fare to Corozal is about BZ$9 (US$4.50).

  17. Warren Says:

    Thanks for the help and information! I keep reading about safety and being robbed. So many remarks about the corrupt country.

    How would I get the Express Bus to Corozal from BZE airport. Ive heard that with less stops it would be a safer option. What is the cost of the Express bus?

    • belizebus Says:

      Buses in Belize seldom get robbed. From memory, robberies seem to occur about once every year or two, so I wouldn’t be concerned about getting an express bus for safety reasons. Besides, if someone wants to rob an express bus, they would just board the bus at a main town. When buses have been robbed, it has only been a robbery of the bus conductor’s fare money, and not passengers.

      If you still want to get an express, you’ll have to get a taxi from the airport to the bus terminal in BC. Express bus fare is usually BZ$1 or $2 more than the regular fare. Keep in mind that express buses are not very common — on the schedule in Section 3, there are only 2 express bus runs from BC. I’d just get the next bus from the bus terminal.

      If you want to avoid the BZ$50 taxi fare to BC, walk or taxi from the airport terminal to the highway and wait for a bus coming from BC. This is described in detail in Section 5.

  18. Warren Says:

    You are an awesome guy!! I appreciate you time and information about the buses!!! Thanks!!! Warren

  19. angie y. Says:

    Just wondering the cheapest way to get around. My husband and I want to see the area but want to do things cheaply. I understand gasoline is 10$+ a gallon. The shuttle is also expensive for one person.
    Any suggestions?

    • belizebus Says:

      Bus is the cheapest way to get around, but they mainly stay on the highways & main roads, and they’re old school buses so not the best way to travel for some people.

      If you read this site, you’ll find typical bus fares in Section 3. I try to update the fuel prices in the Updates Section. For private shuttle prices, you’ll have to contact them directly (unless they show prices on their websites).

  20. Joel S. Says:

    Thank you for your time and effort in putting together this very informative site. Appreciate it!

  21. Bella Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the info, but does anyone know if there will be busses tmorow as it is the holiday for the 10th?

  22. Richard Says:

    I’ve been told that chicken buses go from Belize City to Chetumal. Is this true? J&J bus lines timetable is on your website but when I ask at the Belize City bus terminal I get told I have to get an ADO or get a chicken bus to Corozal then a taxi the border and then a taxi to Chetumal? I was told a chicken bus goes to the market and not the ADO terminal but that has changed recently to the chicken buses going to ADO. Which one is true please help!

    • belizebus Says:

      Belizean buses run from Belize City to Chetumal approximately every hour, and they make stops all along the route with scheduled stops at Orange Walk and Corozal. They’re not really called “chicken” buses — they’re just old school buses.

      For years, the Belizean buses have stopped at the Nuevo Mercado (New Market) in Chetumal, but recently, Chetumal officials have requested that Belizean buses use the old ADO terminal on the north side of the city. However, the Belizean bus operators want to stay at the Market, and do not want to use the old ADO terminal. I have not heard any final decision about which terminal they use now.

      The timetable I have is a year or two old and things might have changed since then. Bus companies change, but the times are usually the same.

      You could get a Belizean bus to Corozal and continue by taxi, but a bus is a better idea because you don’t have to change anywhere.
      In Belize, we also use the term “taxi” for “colectivo” or shared van. These taxi vans run between Corozal and the border about every 15 minutes, or whenever a van is full enough. On the Mexican side, you can use a taxi or a bus to get to Chetumal.

      You can’t get to Chetumal by ADO bus — the ADO bus from BC doesn’t go there — and passengers are not allowed to use the ADO bus to travel from BC to Corozal.

      If you go to Chetumal on a Belizean bus, let me know which terminal they use in Chetumal.

  23. Rafael Says:

    Hello Mr BB. Thank you for a very informative blog.
    I have a question regarding border crossing. We will be flying to Belize from Atlanta. I read that to enter Belize you have show return ticket or ticket for continuation of your journey out of Belize. The thing is we want to cross Central America and our return ticket to Atlanta is from San Jose (Costa Rica) 20 days latter. From Belize we will be heading to Tikal in Guatemala. And we want to do it by regular buses to Benque Viejo.
    My questions are:
    1. Is the ticket from San Jose valid as a return ticket ? Or there will be some troubles while entering Belize?
    2. If so (the troubles) – is it possible to book before entering Belize some border crossing bus other than those heading from Mexico to Flores vis Belize City?
    Thank you for the reply!

  24. Pia Says:

    Hi, by any chance do you have the most updated schedule & price of ferry from Puerto Barrios-Punta Gorda and vice versa? Thanks a lot in advance!

  25. Guy Says:

    Hi, I was in Dangriga recently and took photos of their latest bus schedules. LMK if you want them.

  26. Brian Says:

    best way to get from San Ignacio to Placencia please???

    • belizebus Says:

      I don’t know how you define “best”, so here are the options:

      1. Bus. See information & schedules in Section 3.

      2. Transfer service. Call a few for prices and make arrangements.

      3. Taxi.

      4. Rent a car.

      5. Fly.

  27. Sam Says:

    Hello. I read your bus descriptions and i had questions. The non-express buses are more likely to get robbed..so buses get robbed? How safe and reliable are the regular and express buses? Do people sell anything on the bus(snacks, etc)?

    Thanks for doing this

    • belizebus Says:

      Hi Sam,
      Bus robberies are rare. From watching Belize news media, I hear about a robbery once every year or two. In all the robberies I’ve heard about, the robbers were only interested in taking the fares bag from the conductor — passengers have never been robbed according to any of the news reports I’ve seen. All the robberies were on Regular buses because these buses can stop anywhere on the highway.

      While the bus is parked at the bus terminal in Belize City, usually someone selling snacks walks up & down the aisle. I can’t recall that happening at any other terminal, but other terminals have snack places where the buses park, and the bus is parked long enough for passengers to get off and buy snacks.

  28. Iram Says:

    Can anyone provide me with the number of the Corozal bus terminal. I forgot something in one of the bus and i really need to get it. They can leave it there and bring in the orange walk bus terminal. I would really appreciate it.

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