26 October 2014 – End of Daylight Saving Time in Mexico
In most of Mexico, daylight saving time begins on the first Sunday in April, and ends on the last Sunday in October (26 October 2014). Clocks are turned back one hour. In the Yucatan region of Mexico, Central Daylight Time (CDT) becomes Central Standard Time (CST), the same as Belize.


15 October 2014 – Thunderbolt Water Taxi
The Thunderbolt water taxi will cease operation for approximately two weeks due to scheduled annual maintenance. Updates will be posted on the Thunderbolt Facebook page:



Upcoming Holidays and Events – 2014
See Section 13 for a complete list of public holidays.


16 April 2014 — Fuel Prices
Premium gasoline: BZ$11.75 per gallon
Regular gasoline: BZ$11.64 per gallon
Diesel: BZ$10.49 per gallon
These are the prices in Belize City; prices may be higher in the districts due to transportation costs.

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17 Responses to “2. UPDATES”

  1. Drew Says:

    This is a wonderful service and I am delighted to find it. I would like very much to link this blog in the information I send to our prospective guests who inquire about renting our cabanas here in Placencia. Thanks, Drew

  2. Mai Says:

    This sites awesome! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive road guide for Belize. I plan to go backpacking there in about a week’s time and I’m really looking forward to it!

    Cheers, Mai

  3. John Says:

    What a great site. Thanks for this.

    Now – it looks like I’ll be arriving in Chetumal around 1345 on a Sunday – is there a way of getting to Orange Tree on the same day or is it better to get stay in Chetumal and get the 1130 direct the next day. That is if I van find where the buses now stop!

    I realise this is tomorrow, so no problem if you don’t get this in time.

    • belizebus Says:

      If you arrive in Chetumal at 1:45 pm, just walk or taxi to the Nuevo Mercado and get a Belizean bus. These buses depart frequently up to about 6 pm. They will all go to Corozal and most will continue to Orange Walk (not Orange Tree) and Belize City. You’ll have no problem getting to Orange Walk on the same day.

      I don’t know what you mean by, “is it better to get stay in Chetumal and get the 1130 direct the next day”. What 11:30 direct?

      If you meant Crooked Tree instead of Orange Tree, I might have to offer different advice.

  4. Ashley Says:

    Any advice on getting from Hopkins to Placencia

    • belizebus Says:

      I don’t have any info about buses that run direct between Hopkins & Placencia. Ask around in Hopkins.

      Get a ride out to the Southern Highway and wait for a bus heading south. Ritchie buses will go to Placencia, and James Line buses will go to Independence where you have to then get the Hokey Pokey water taxi back to Placencia.

  5. Jeannette van Erckelens Says:

    Till now I haven´t been in Belize , but I admire your very interesting site ! I hope I will be able to connect to you when I am in Belize.

    Jeannette, Spain

  6. neemz Says:

    Will busses run during xmas eve / xmas day?? If so , what are the scheduled times? Thx in advance

    • belizebus Says:

      Yes, buses run on those days, but on Christnas Day, they will probably run every hour or two instead of the regular schedule.

  7. Sylvia Says:

    Hi Belize Bus…thanks for all that you do to help others.
    I admire your patience with people who obviously have not read the site…one suggestion that I think would be helpful: Is it possible to reverse the order in which the comments/replies are displayed so that the most recent appear at the top of the page?
    Another suggestion which would let people know things are as current as you are aware of – in your updates section, put a comment monthly. I think this would let people know the site is being administered regularly, and that the info is reliable. They will get to that once they read the grateful comments, but it is just another way to let people know you are alive and well!!
    We travelled into Belize in November, and found all the info on your site to be very accurate and valuable – especially re getting to Placencia. The Belize city bus depot is quite the place! The bus drivers seemed to be the ones who knew what was going on, so I would recommend asking them questions if you have any. We got there at 11 am. The big guy with the dreads who was running the yard told us not to wait for the 3:30 express, there was a bus in Dangriga which would wait for the incoming bus (this is not what the schedules said). He was wrong, but the bus driver took us to Mango Creek and we had a cool water taxi ride over to Placencia. A taxi meets the bus and takes you right to the water taxi, and they did not charge us or any of the passengers for this quick transfer -bonus!
    Thanks again.

    • belizebus Says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’ve never investigated whether it’s possible to reverse the order of the comments because I prefer it the way it is. Whenever I have nothing to do, I review the comments and delete any that are no longer accurate.

      As for letting people know the information is current, my approach is to add “last updated: date” to each section where there is a schedule. This is because I update each section as required, so I add the updated date directly to that section or schedule. I can provide the information, but I can’t make people read.

      WordPress adds a “date posted” to each post and there’s not much I can do about that. Earlier this year, I went through every post and changed the old dates to the current date. I had to change the date in every post to retain the posts in the same order, so it’s quite time consuming and not something I intend to do frequently.

      The Updates Section is for new information. If there’s no new information, I don’t write anything. I keep the calendar of holidays & events there to show that the site is constantly being administered — at least, I hope people can figure that out.

  8. Emily Says:

    Hi! I was wondering will it be possible to travel from Placencia to San Pedro on Good Friday? Thanks!!

    • belizebus Says:

      Hi Emily,

      Yes. In previous years, buses have run on Good Friday, but not as frequently.

      The airlines and water taxis will be running as well. I don’t know if they have a reduced schedule, but you can contact them through their websites.

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