1. Fuente del Norte, Linea Dorada, and San Juan Travel Services (Guatemalan companies) provide Express bus service between Flores and Belize City. In Belize City, buses arrive at and depart from the Marine Terminal on North Front Street near the Swing Bridge, and are not scheduled to stop anywhere else in Belize. Buses operate on Sundays and public holidays. Not all buses are air-conditioned. The agent in Belize City for these bus lines is Mundo Maya Travel located at the Brown Sugar Market Place on North Front Street, Belize City. Phone: (501) 223 1200 / 663 5957.
Email: mundomayatravels@yahoo.com

Linea Dorada: http://lineadorada.info/

Flores  to  Belize City  (235 km / 146 miles / about 4 to 5 hours)
Fuente del Norte departs daily at 5:00 am; US$25.00
San Juan Bus departs daily at 5:00 am; US$ 25.00
Linea Dorada departs daily at 7:00 am*; US$ 25.00
* Departure of the Linea Dorada bus is sometimes delayed because it waits for a connecting bus from Guatemala City.

Belize City  to  Flores  (235 km / 146 miles / about 4 to 5 hours)
Fuente del Norte departs daily at 9:30 am; US$25.00
Linea Dorada departs daily at 1:00 pm; US$ 25.00
San Juan Bus departs daily at 2:30 pm; US$ 25.00

This is the schedule from the agent, but there is another San Juan bus that departs from Chetumal at 7 am, goes to Belize City then to Guatemala.

(updated: 24 November 2011)


2. Regular Bus to Guatemala

Get a bus to Benque Viejo del Carmen, the last town before the border. Most of the westbound buses from the Belize City bus terminal will go to Belmopan, San Ignacio and terminate at Benque. You can board a Regular bus anywhere along the route; the final destination of BENQUE will be displayed in the front window of the bus. See Section 3 “Western Zone – Belize City to Benque Viejo Del Carmen” for more details.

The Regular buses don’t go all the way to the border, so it’s necessary to take a taxi (shouldn’t be more than BZ$10) or mini-bus/colectivo (shouldn’t be more than BZ$2) for the remaining 2 km.

Proceed through Belize Immigration. For visitors who have been in Belize for more than 24 hours, there is a fee of BZ$37.50 (US$18.75), payable in BZ$ or US$. Cross the border, proceed through Guatemala Customs & Immigration, and get a bus or taxi to your destination. Regarding an entry fee, I’ve heard various reports that there is a fee of 20 quetzals, 10 quetzals, and no fee.

The return trip is similar, and there is no exit fee for Guatemala and no entry fee for Belize. After Customs & Immigration, get to Benque where you can get a bus to San Ignacio, Belmopan or Belize City.


3. Rental Car

I have no personal experience with this, but some car rental companies allow vehicles into Guatemala. Try Crystal Rentals or Thrifty.


4. Flights Between Belize City and Guatemala

Tropic Air has daily flights between Belize City International (PGIA) and Flores. There is a connecting flight to Guatemala City with Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos (TAG). Check the website for schedules and fares: http://www.tropicair.com/


5. Water Taxis Between Punta Gorda and Puerto Barrios

Requeña’s Charter Service & Watertaxi operates a watertaxi, “Mariestela”, between Punta Gorda and Puerto Barrios.

Departs PG daily at 9 am from the Municipal pier near the Customs & Immigration Office.
Departs Puerto Barrios daily at 2:00 pm from the pier near the Shell gas station.
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.
Cost: BZ$40.00 each way.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from Requeña’s office on Front Street (half a block north of the pier), or before departure from the Requena representative in front of the Customs/Immigration Office at the pier.

Contact: Requeña’s Charter Service & Watertaxi, 12 Front Street, Punta Gorda.
Tel: (501) 722-2070.
Email: watertaxi@btl.net
Website: http://www.belizenet.com/requena/


Other water taxis:
Departs Puerto Barrios daily at 10:00 am.
Departs Punta Gorda daily at 2:00 pm.
Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: BZ$50.00 each way (plus any exit fees).
(Updated: May 2014)


Departs Puerto Barrios daily at 1:00 pm.
Departs Punta Gorda daily at 4:00 pm.
Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: BZ$50.00 each way (plus any exit fees).
(Updated: May 2014)


Departs Punta Gorda daily at 1:00 pm.
Departs Puerto Barrios daily at 3:00 pm.
Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: ?
(Updated: May 2014)

More information about water taxis can be found on these site:

The Toledo Howler publication on this site:

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  1. Beatriz Cardenas Says:

    Two elderly ladies wish to travel from Cancun to Guatemala. Which is the best way to geth there as there are no flights. Would Belize be the best way? what is closer, Tikal or Flores as we wish to visit both. Then down to Guatemala City are there good air conditioned buses and how long is it from Flores? Is October a very rainy month?
    Thank you for your help.

    • belizebus Says:

      I don’t know about direct flights, but Tropic Air (a Belizean airline) flies between Cancun & Belize City. From BC, Tropic Air flies to Flores where you can get a connecting flight with TAG to Guatemala City. Check the Tropic Air website for schedule & fare.

      The bus options are explained on this website — either overnight bus to Belize City, then express bus to Flores, or ADO express bus to Chetumal followed by San Juan Travel Bus to Flores.

      I think you can also go overland through Mexico from Cancun to Tikal. You’ll find this route on the Lonely Planet forum.

      There are good quality buses with a/c in Guatemala.

      October can have a lot of rain.

  2. dane Says:

    looking to catch a bus from Belize City to Tikal, Guatemala. in February 2014 and wondering what is the connecting bus from Flores to Tikal? and how much is that ride?

    • belizebus Says:

      San Juan Travel is one company that provides transport to Tikal, but I’ve read some negative comments about them. I don’t know the names of any others.

  3. margueritenoelle Says:

    Hello! My boyfriend and I are trying to figure out the safest and cheapest route from Guatemala City to Ambergris Caye in Belize.

    Do you have any experience doing this or any suggestions?

    Thank you so much!

    • belizebus Says:

      I’d suggest one of the express buses (for example, Fuente del Norte, Linea Dorada or other) to Flores, then change to one of the express buses to Belize City (see Section 9). If you want, visit Tikal.

      The express bus from Flores stops at one of the water taxi terminals in Belize City, so just get the next boat to Ambergris (see Section 4).

  4. Michael G. Says:

    My wife and I and two teenage children are wanting to go from hopkins to el ramate by bus. Do you have any suggestions? We would like to make it in one day.

    • belizebus Says:

      No problem in one day. Get the morning bus from Hopkins to Dangriga (get a taxi if the bus isn’t convenient). Continue by bus to Belmopan (you might have to change). Change to a bus to the town of Benque. Get a taxi or colectivo to go the last couple of km to the border. Go through Belize Immigration, then Guatemala Immigration & Customs. Get a Guatemalan bus or taxi to your destination.

  5. Rob Caverly Says:

    Hi , we are going to be in orange walk doing the Lamanai tour, is it possible to then get to Caye Caulker using public transport same day?

    • belizebus Says:

      It is possible — make sure you leave OW early enough so that you get to BC before the last water taxis to Caye Caulker (around 4:30 to 5:30 pm, but check the water taxi websites for departure times). The bus trip from OW to BC is about 2 hours, and the trip from the bus terminal to the water taxi terminal is 5 minutes by taxi.

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